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"Memories for Sale - An Exploration
of Morals and Money"

- Nicholas Iandolo, Motif Magazine

"'Memories for Sale' is a deeply moving exploration 
of love. I continue to smile thinking about how powerfully this short film reminds us to love one another, while hopefully inspiring us to tear down the most unnecessary of tragic barriers. Bravo."

- Richard Hatch, first winner of "Survivor"

"Fabulous job! It was sensational! 
Great job by you and all!"

- Jim Masters, ABC Lifestyle Reporter/PBS Host

"Pretty damn perfect...
'Memories for Sale' is what great storytelling 
and filmmaking are all about... I applaud (the)
entire cast and crew for creating a piece of 
cinema that has lasting effects."

- Patrick Ricketts, Videoviews.org

"incredibly compelling"

- Natalie DiMaria, Newenglandfilm.com

"... an Entertaining, Thoughtful Film."

- Richard Propes, The Independent Critic

"A touching, ironic, bitter-sweet story. 
Well written, well directed, well acted."

- Don Schwartz, CineSource Magazine

"You've got a winner.  I'm speechless...
You took a good play and made it into a great
short film. Good performances, excellent pacing."

- Larry Stark, Theater Mirror