Allstate St Augustines Has The Best Insurance Rates Out There


After getting married, my wife and I wanted to combine our insurance policies. We both had different insurance companies and we wanted to make sure we were going to get the best rates out there. We also wanted to see about adding our homeowners insurance to our policy because we heard we could save more money that way.

My wife and I both started searching around for insurance companies to get quotes with. We called and got quotes from several companies in the area. Many of them were about the same, but the insurance from Allstate St Augustines area was the cheapest. This was with our homeowners insurance policy combined with our car insurance too.

After discussing our insurance options my wife and I decided to get insurance with Allstate. It was going to save us lots of money overall and we thought it would be the best option. We found out where the Allstate St Augustines was located and went in to get everything set up. We took in our papers from our old insurance companies and also our homeowners insurance. Our agent was able to get us set up with insurance and we paid the amount down that we needed to get started with them.

We are happy that we are going to save money on our insurance. I am glad we called around to find the best company to go with because it saved us lots of money per year. Since we don’t have any accidents or any other claims, we were able to get a discount for that too.

My wife did have to call the insurance company last week because her car broke down and she needed to get it towed. She called to make sure it was covered with our new insurance and what she would need to do to claim it on the insurance. They told her to pay for it and send the receipt to them and they would reimburse for the money that we paid. We got the check for that really quickly and I’m glad we made the switch to this insurance company. She said her old insurance company would have taken months to get a check to her like this. She likes this insurance company so far just because of this reason and said they are the best in the area.