Hiring Movers Charlotte NC: X Moving Tips For Students

If you’re preparing to move to your new dormitory to study in the university, let movers Charlotte NC experts take care of your stuff on moving day. Move with all the things you need; books, musical instruments, a computer, your wardrobe, etc. Everything will get done fast and securely when you hire professional movers. And to help make this day stress-free, here are some handy tips for you:

Plan Your Move Weeks Ahead

One way to make your move fast, easy and efficient is to plan this week ahead. Make a list of the things you need and stuff that you want to bring. Remember that you’ll only be occupying a small space, a dormitory and possibly a shared space as well. Carry only the essentials and if possible, buy some of the stuff you need from a shop near your new home. 

Pack Smart 

Use the proper packing container and use correct padding for delicate items like bubble wraps, Styrofoam bits, and cardboard pieces. Label each box and use an efficient labeling system. List all the items found on each box so it will be easy to look for the stuff you need when you get to your new home. Label the boxes with precious or delicate stuff like your laptop, TV, gaming console, artwork, etc. Use soft items like socks, shoes, and jackets to pack delicate items like glassware, plates, figurines, picture frames and many more. 

Don’t Carry Too Much Stuff

As mentioned, it’s likely you’ll be sharing space with another student so be considerate and pack only important items. If the dormitory already provides a bed or a clothes cabinet, you don’t need to bring one as well. Also, you don’t need to bring a huge super flat-screen TV if you’re sharing a room.

Trust Only Professional Movers 

Hire expert professional movers that have years of experience when it comes to moving students. Look for guarantees for their service, find out the cost of the move. Look for licenses, certification and get a free quote. Your new life begins when you move so make it stress-free when you hire movers Charlotte NC experts.