The Top Female Entrepreneurs Working Today

When people picture an entrepreneur, they often imagine a male. However, there are a lot of entrepreneurs that are female. Many women are making major investments and working to create impressive products.

If you want to see how women are shaping the world, you should take a closer look at some of the top female entrepreneurs working today.

While Oprah doesn’t have the kind of influence that she used to have, she’s still having a big impact on the world. She has been co-producing successful films, like Selma, with her production company.

Ariana Huffington

Even people that have never heard of Ariana Huffington are familiar with her name. This is because she founded the online newspaper The Huffington Post. She has also released a whopping 14 books.

Beth Comstock

This women is the head of innovation at General Electric. She also helped to found Hulu. She has been behind a number of product and software launches.

Tory Burch

Tory Burch has become one of the biggest names in the fashion world. However, she is more than a designer. She also runs her own venture capital firm that is focused on helping women get their ideas off of the ground.

Judy Faulkner

This women is one of the biggest names in healthcare. She runs Epic Systems, and has a net worth of more than a billion dollars.

Sarah Blakeley

Have you ever wished that you could come up with an idea that would earn you a fortune? That is something that Sarah Blakely managed to do. She’s the creator of Spanx, and she is also the owner of the brand. Everyone, from celebrities to ordinary women, uses her products.

Lucy Peng

Not every major entrepreneur is working in the United States. One big name, Lucy Peng, has actually made her fortune in China. She founded the ecommerce site Alibaba, which is eclipsing Amazon in certain parts of the world.

Weili Dai

Dai is the only female founder of a semiconducter company, and she is also one of the most successful women in her industry. She’s managed to earn a fortune in a short period of time.

These are a few of the top female entrepreneurs that are working today. It’s clear that these women are accomplishing things that will leave a mark. In the future, people may be reading about their accomplishments in history books!