4 Innovative Ideas in Using Oak Beams for Your Fireplace

One of the best ways to have as a centerpiece in your home is a fireplace. It can be a place in your home where you can be brave to incorporate your creative ideas to make it look more majestic. Here are some designs that you can do with your fireplace with the use of oak beams.

Beams as Frame to Create A Stove Style Fire

Usually, oak beams are used as a setting around the fireplace that’s built into the wall. To add more flair into your furnace, you can also have a traditional beam frame on the wall around a pellet burning stove or any stove-style fireplace.Doing this can make the fire, that doesn’t sit in a conventional furnace, stand out, instead of just being an appliance.

Play With Contrast

Another idea that you can add in your fireplace is to use contrasting styles to create subtle effects. If you have a modern fireplace design, you can mix it with traditional oak beams, or if you are using an old-style iron furnace, add colored compositions to add more quirk to it.

Paint and Age Your Beams

If you are seeking for that vintage look for your oak beams to add to your fireplace, you can do so by adding some colors and distressing the wood yourself. One way to do this is by using milk paint and following it up with gentle sanding. Creating an exciting design feature out of a fake or non-working fireplace is a great way to make it more of a centerpiece material.

Minimalist Floating Beam

Another fantastic way to style your fireplace is by using a single beam as a mantel. The texture and color of the timber can have a significant effect on the room, so you need to make sure what designs you will incorporate for the rest of the room. 

Using a bleached or light beam can give off that “beach”vibe in the room while polished oak beams can add the luxurious, traditional look, especially if you pair it with deep jewel colors and leather furnishings.


There are various ways that you can use oak beams to make your fireplace more appealing. You just need to be bold and daring to apply these ideas. These tips can give you something to work with to help you create a unique fireplace for your home.