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Planning to transform your attic into a functional room but having a hard time which conversion company to go? Luckily, you can browse the internet to look for fabulous deals by visiting The website provides everything you need to know in helping you decide which type of loft conversion to choose. 

Understanding Loft Space Conversion

A loft space conversion is a process of turning an empty attic into a room designed for specific purposes. It could be utilized as either a storage space or living accommodation. It has been one of the most popular home improvement ideas in the United Kingdom.  Installing a loft conversion in your home requires an intricate process, which is why people mostly prefer to contract an expert loft conversion company to take over. 

Is your Home Suitable for Conversion? 

You must have asked this to yourself: “Is my home suitable for a loft conversion?” Fortunately, the answer is, the majority of homes can be convertible. The fact is that your roof’s slope is extendable, and your space-consuming trusses are replaceable by steel or timber supports, which enables you to create an extra room. 

Types of Loft Conversion

Choosing the most suitable type of loft conversion in your home may vary according to the formation of spaces in your home. Check out each definition of four loft conversion types to get a clearer vision of what to expect when you get one. 


This type of loft conversion can be formed in almost any kind of building. A dormer type won’t require any planning permission from the regulators in most situations. 


Mansard is the most common loft in London and the majority of urban areas. It is built by raising the roof’s sloping side to a relatively vertical side and a flat roof. 

Hip to Gable

If you have a detached or semi-detached home, chances are this type of conversion is the most ideal for you. 


In terms of convenience, you will find velux as the easiest type of conversion to install as it only takes a short period to construct. In velux, the existing space in your attic won’t be expanded nor altered. 

Take Note of Three Things. 

As you decide to push through your plans of converting your loft space finally, be reminded of some important things to lessen your worries even more if you have a:

Water Tank

If you worry that having a water tank near the attic would cause too much hassle, it isn’t. As roof conversion specialists could move this to generate a wider roof space when needed. 

Chimney Stack

Even if chimney stacks always have to maintain its original position, it can still be removable. This action, though, can be subject to planning.

Loft Conversion Service Benefits

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